Looking after your mental health

Everyone has 'mental health', just as we all have 'physical health'. And like our physical health, there are times when our mental health is better than others.

We all know prevention is better than cure.

Through our research-based mental health information and advice, and ongoing programmes and policy work, we want to help people look after their mental health, prevent more serious problems from developing and help everyone live mentally healthy lives.

Tips to look after your mental health during scary world events

Learning about global events can cause uncertainty, and you may feel fear, anxiety or a loss of control over your own life. We have created some advice to help you cope and support your loved ones during these uncertain times.

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Finance, housing and unemployment worries

Many of us face daily challenges with our health, finances, job security, housing and caring responsibilities. But there are solutions out there. We can help you find the support you need right now.

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Change, loss and bereavement

We have all been through challenging times following change, loss and bereavement. We offer suggestions of things you can do to help cope with any difficult feelings you may experience while adjusting.

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Looking after your mental health: a guide for young people

This guidance was produced together with the MHF Young Leaders and explores different ways young people can help improve their mental health.

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How to pick yourself up when things get tough - 15 tips for men

We asked men ‘What do you do to look after your mental health when things get tough?'.

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Looking after your mental health as a teacher

Being a teacher is one of the most rewarding jobs there is, but also one of the most challenging. We offer advice on how teachers can look after their own mental health.

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Our mental health publications

Our high-quality, evidence-based mental health publications are free to download and available to buy in print.

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Understanding mental health

There are lots of different things which can have an impact on our mental health. Find out about them in our online A-Z.

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If you or someone you know is struggling with their mental health, you are not alone, and there are places you can go to get help.
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