New Mental Health Strategy provides strong basis for preventing mental health problems in Northern Ireland

Location: Northern Ireland

29th Jun 2021
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The Mental Health Foundation today welcomes publication of the Mental Health Strategy 2021-2031 for Northern Ireland.

Dr. Shari McDaid, Head of Evidence & Impact for the Mental Health Foundation in Northern Ireland, said: “This new mental health strategy provides a strong basis for action across Northern Ireland to prevent mental health problems. The pandemic has shown us that anyone can experience mental distress and that everyone needs support to achieve good mental health.

“We especially welcome the new strategy’s commitment to promoting mental wellbeing, resilience and good mental health across society, and the promise to create an action plan for promoting mental health covering a whole life approach from infancy to older age. Many mental health problems can be prevented by giving children a good start in life, helping everyone to understand how to look after their mental health, and ensuring that people’s life circumstances, including their work, home, education, neighbourhoods, and social interactions support their wellbeing. We hope that the action plan will be completed within the first year of the strategy.

“We commend the Minister and the Department of Health for recognising the importance of inequalities on people’s chances of having good mental health. The strategy’s action to engage across Government to increase the supports available to individuals, families and communities to address the social factors that impact on their mental health, as well as to maximise the availability and use of a range of social wellbeing supports, are promising. If these actions are fulfilled, we have reason to hope that far fewer people in Northern Ireland will experience mental ill health than have done in the past.

“The Foundation was pleased to work with the Department in the early planning stages for the strategy and looks forward to supporting its implementation over the next ten years.”

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